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Caraka Clinical and Translational Science is a family of enterprise clinical trial management systems (CTMS) for sites, sponsors, CROs, SMOs, academic medical centers, and partners.

The overall objective of the Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences is to facilitate the transition of alternative medicine to modern medicine via disciplined, systematic scientific research of medicinal herbs and their use as medication. The standardization of alternative medicines involves both detailed chemical profiling as well as quality control research.

Through multidisciplinary Services, We will make every effort to understand and exploit the molecular effects of medicinal herbs, as to optimize potential therapeutic agents targeting cancer, diabetes, neurodegeneration, infectious, inflammatory and other rare diseases.. We have collaborations with the medical and scientific communities as well as government agencies

We at Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences have a team of experienced, skilled and well-motivated management professionals dedicated to provide the most efficient, on time, cost effective, single window Quality services to our premium client base in India.


Our mission is to bring value to our employees, our stakeholders, and to the global business community by delivering advanced technology solutions that enable our clients to operate and compete more efficiently.


  • Our clients receive value and consistent results.
  • The best people work.
  • Our success is measured by how our clients and our people are successful.
  • We deliver stakeholder value by solid financial performance.

We treat clients as long-term partners, and each other with candor and respect. Because we succeed through performance. We always work to provide innovative, responsive business solutions by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in each of us. Because we thrive on growth. Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences  achieves growth, by helping growth of its people and its clients. Because we value our community. We use our talents to better the communities around us, and we are committed to creating an environment where every person can achieve their maximum potential.