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As a Site Management Organization we are geared to support sponsors and investigators looking for a competent and experienced team of clinical trial site management professionals.

India is one of the most suitable and conducive destinations for clinical trials. A large base of well qualified and experienced medical practitioners and one of the widest networks of hospitals and medical facilities, contributes to the nation’s increasing popularity as a clinical trial hub. However successful clinical trials depend on the presence of a reliable and competent site management organization.

We provide services in all related spheres to support our clients’ Clinical trial processes. The services are customized to our clients’ requirements in initiating, conducting, controlling and comprehensively managing the Site operations. We look to enable our clients to perform to their best potential. We help them to streamline their activities and extend their geographic coverage in order to capitalize on their products as swiftly and effectively as possible in the marketplace.

So whatever be your requirement in the clinical trial field, trust us to not only support your need but also contribute to your success

Our site management team bridges the gap between sites and sponsor/CRO in accelerating patient enrollment and effectively managing the trial from start to finish; thus ensuring smooth transit of the trials to the next phase.

We provide access to more than 100 sites and a large network of highly qualified investigators.

Our site support model involves placement of highly qualified and trained clinical research coordinator (CRC) at each study site to assist the investigator and site staff with all day-to-day study activities.

The roles and responsibility of CRC includes:

  • Protection of research subjects
  • Ensuring accurate of data
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Site preparation for the clinical trial
  • Additional staff training
  • Interacting with EC/CRO/Labs/Sponsor/PI
  • Maintaining clinical trial documents/records
  • IP accountability
  • Scheduling patients’ visits and ensuring retention till study completion
  • Keeping the investigator informed and compliant