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Patient recruitment and retention is crucial for the success of any clinical trial. Failing to meet patient recruitment goals inevitably leads to delays in the market launch, as well as loss of revenue and competitive advantage. Caraka Clinical and Translational Science fully understands the importance of these targets and so provides global, high quality, site specific services that are tailored to the local and cultural needs of any given region.

By identifying recruitment challenges early and implementing creative solutions, we can tailor our enrolment plan to the exact requirements of the site. This is achieved by close communication with project teams, protocol review and identification of the target patient population, awareness of study specific enrolment criteria and realization of recruitment goals.

Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences team of Site Support Experts (SSE) have been trained to assess every site’s specific challenge to recruitment and offer tailored support services to help sites cope with the challenges often faced in reaching recruitment targets.

We work to create site focused enrolment plans, advertising, outreach programs and healthcare professional outreach programs supported by media, all helping to reach recruitment goals. Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences Site Support Experts will advise and implement support methods which will be allowed locally and be of the greatest benefit to study sites. Recruitment material will be adapted to fit local standards and research ethics.

Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences can actively assist in pre-screening activities with database drilling and manual chart reviews to list potential research subjects. If advertising is undertaken, we can ensure retrieval of the applications and pre-screen potential subjects for eligibility.  We can help communicate with referring hospitals and clinics allowing them to inform their patients about the study or refer suitable candidates.

Utilization of recruitment and retention planning tools allows the Site Support Expert to:

  • Develop an enrolment and retention plan in conjunction with the exact requirements of individual sites.
  • Monitor demographic and geographic patient information.
  • Monitor advertising effectiveness versus cost and allow for modification of strategy.
  • Analyze site performance and patient referrals in time and take remedial action.

All Caraka Clinical and Translational Sciences patient recruitment activities are designed and conducted with the safety, ethics and data privacy of patients at the forefront and conform to the required regulatory, ethical regulations and cultural practices of the country in which they are being used.

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